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TTT_Archive-Pavlov is a map for the game Pavlov VR for the TTT mod in the game. The map is still very early in development and will receive regular updates until it reaches a satisfactory point. Currently, I am working on both this and CGCG. I was going to plan for making this after polishing up 4-shadowed and finishing CGCG, however, I was incentivized to do this sooner, however, CGCG is still being worked on.

I mostly took on this project as an excuse to learn more about Unreal Engine 4 as I had experience with it before, however, never got very in-depth with it. Working on this project has gotten me quite a bit more familiar and comfortable with UE4, however, I still feel I have more to learn about this and plan to take on more projects in UE4 in the future.

Started: August 17th, 2019
Team size: Solo


4-Shadowed was made for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam, a 48 hour jam. The theme was "Only one" meaning that you need to take something the player is used to having many of (such as bullets or jumps) and give them only one then design around it. In my game, I had two things that I did with the theme. First I gave the player only one inventory slot, this causes the player to make hard choices such as giving up a high attack item for a high armor one. The second thing I had for the theme was making the game a split-screen game with only one player so when you'd move one character they all would move. Originally I wanted to do more with this by adding puzzle aspects that toy with this idea, however, with the 2 days given to make the game I didn't get around to adding this. I do plan to polish up the game and release it as a full title and things such as this will be added.

From this project, I learned a fair bit. I think the most useful thing that I learned from it though was A* pathfinding. I had an understanding of how it worked but never had done anything with it before in a project and therefore never applied the knowledge I had on the subject to an actual usage. Now for this project, I had used a Unity asset to do the hard part of the pathfinding for me but that gave me the opportunity to learn more about it. This is something I will certainly use in the future now that I have this understanding and I may try doing the hard part that the asset did for me myself as it is certainly something I am capable of doing, just not in a 48-hour jam.

Started: August 2nd, 2019
Team size: solo


CGCG is the videogame adaptation of the card game with the same name invented by my friend Kevin Tan. Him, some of his friends, and I worked on the card game version in High School and once it got to a fairly good point with over a year of balancing I started on the video game version shown here. This is still an ongoing project that I intend to finish and release. The game is played with 2 to 5 people (no single player planned). More info on this game will be released as it approaches release. To get the updates right away you can join the Discord server for it! (will be setting up an Email newsletter once further into development)

So far work on this game has taught me a lot but I am sure there will be exceedingly more taught to me with this project by the time it's published. Having started programming with an already well-established idea both makes the creation process so much easier and so much harder. You're able to just get to work on things and jump to it but at the same time, you come across things that worked well in real life but not so much in a game. Then you have to figure out what to do in these situations and no situation is the same. They all require a different approach. On top of that, despite having done multiplayer before on both projects mentioned here and concepts that never made it far enough to be posted here this one seemed different. Whether that be from me switching to trying out Photon or the whole experience being quite different than ones I have done before it was harder.

Started: June 3rd, 2019
Team size (VideoGame version): Solo
Team size (Cardgame version): 3

Desktop in Unity

This project started as a game where you would hack other people in this desktop environment MMO. Eventually, I left the team I was with for many reasons and because I was the head dev, and the only one that knew how to use Unity or even C# I was able to keep the project as my own. I have not touched it since leaving but should I pick this up as a solo project I have the beginnings to a desktop environment and would be able to make some interesting things.

This project still did teach me a lot. I was the lead dev so I got to practice managing a team. I got to put some of the team organization methods I learned from working with the Atmora team such as having everyone use Trello for better communication. I also learned to respect my own work more and to make sure a team I am working with is able to create what they envision.

Started: December 25th, 2018
Team size: 6

VR Game Demo #1

VR Game Demo #1 (real name still pending) is a VR game for the oculus rift that I made in a two week time constraint. The game was meant to be a demo to display a concept and get feed back on said concept to see if it should be taken further. After the two weeks of development I uploaded it to to start getting feedback. The project is curently on hold whilst I get people to play it but will be picked back up afterward as there is still plenty to do.

This project in particular was quite a learning experience. Having the game be a VR title made it so many game design choices I am used to were not at my disposal, for example, how would one make it so a player can only swing their sword a certain amount of times in a given period? The simple solution would be to lock them in an animation and don't allow another attack till after it has played, but how can you do that in VR where the player has full control over every action they do? Many things like this came up whilst working on the project and they really challenged me to come up with interesting solutions. Also, for anyone who is curious, with that example I gave what I ended up doing is increasing damage done based on how much motion and speed was put into an attack forcing the player to almost play out those animations in real life.

Started: December 5th, 2018
Team size: Solo

Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora

Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora is a mod for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that allows you to visit Atmora north of Skyrim. The goal of all the Beyond Skyrim teams are to bring some of the rest of Nirn (the plant of which Skyrim is located on) into the game. There are multiple teams each working on a different place in nirn and I joined the one for Atmora. I do implementation on the team which involves taking what the writers have made and making it a reality in the mod.

This was my first project in a REALLY large team and from that, I learned a lot about the workflow in a larger environment. These things range from organizational procedures, to how to work with multiple others on the same thing within a project. Some of the things I learned I have since started using for even my solo projects, such as using sites like Trello to keep a good idea of what needs to be done, what is most important, what ideas may I consider adding, and what is broken that I need to look into.

Joind: October 1st, 2018
Team size: 84
Role: Implementation (papyrus scripting)


Apostasy was a game I made for the GMTK 2018 Game Jam. The jam took place during the first two days of september and people had to make a game in 48 hours that fit the theme "genre without mechanic". Meaning you had to pick a genre and remove one of it's core mechanics (learn more here). Apostasy was an adventure rpg where you don't level up, instead you level down. By inverting this basic mechanic players have to carfuly think about their play style and how they can beat the game even without stuff they normally rely on. It also makes the game a puzzle at parts where the player needs to decide what they don't need to beat an upcoming obsitcal.

From this game, I took away two really important things. First off, I had made this game entirely in Java just using JavaFX which made it far harder to do than it should have been. This really taught me the importance of picking the right tool for the job, although I love making everything from scratch it's important to use what I have at my disposal and not to reinvent the wheel. Having learned that I decided I will be using a real game engine for future projects that are like this. The second thing I took away from this is a much stronger belief in myself. I made a game in 48 hours! And it wasn't garbage either! If I can do that then what else can I do if I really put my mind to it and set aside time for it as I did with this.

Started: September 1st, 2018
Team size: Solo

Twitch Chat HotKeys

TwitchChatHotKeys is a program that allows Twitch Streamers to bind any key on their keybaord to say anything in twitch chat. Most common uses would be for running a commercial, moderating chat with timeouts/bans, or putting chat in followers/subscribers only mode, but anything can be done with it. I started the program to help with doing a giveaway on my twitch stream. I was just alt tabbing to type in chat "/followers 0" to make sure only followers could enter the giveaway but then one day this caused my game to crash and make me lose a lot of progress. To solve this issue I created a very early alpha version in just two days and used it for the rest of the giveaway. Since then there was a small break but now the program gets daily updates.

Started: July 27th, 2018
Team size: Solo

Immerse Creator

In November of 2017, I started as an Independent Contractor at Arch Virtual which creates non-game virtual reality applications for business and enterprise visualization and simulation. I was assigned to the Immerse Creator project and mostly have mostly just been doing asset importing. Immerse Creator, as it is described on steam, "is a collaborative VR environment where you can create 3D models, architectural spaces, free-form sketches, leave notes, and access a library of high quality assets." The last part about assets is what I have worked on. Immerse creator has since pivoted into Acadicus Medical which I still do contracting work for to this day.

Doing work for Arch Virtual was my first real entry point into game development as an actual career, before this it was exclusively something I did as a hobby with the intention of moving onto something more real. Being in a real place helped me take away a lot about what it's like working for a company doing game development even though I was just an independent contractor. Being at Arch Virtual also helped me get experience with Unity and c# which I use often now and am glad about it.

Started: November 27th, 2017
Team size: 20

Osu!Bot 3.0 Beta

Osu!Bot 3.0 is a client sided irc chat bot made to help streamers manage song requests going on in twitch chat from osu chat! Osu!Bot will listen to twitch chat for any song requests, or other commands that are supported, from non banned users and add them to a queue. Upon seeing an admin request the next song in twitch chat or the user ask for the next song in game chat Osu!Bot will provide the next song that was queued in both Twitch and Game chat.
Osu!Bot 3.0 Beta is a continued project from the original Osu!Bot which you can learn more about here!
The project is currently on hold to prioritize other projects but may be picked back up at a later date.

Started: November 3rd, 2017
Team size: Solo

This Site!

This version of this site is my most recent project, starting on October 20th, 2017 I began work on this version of the site in DreamWeaver. There were two main reasons for it, firstly I needed a portfolio site anyway but secondly I wanted to have something to show people I may meet at M+dev happening in one week from the time I started on it.

Started: October 20th, 2017
Team size: Solo

A website I have been making by myself in order to provide tools to help anyone, experienced or not, with the use of crypto currencies. The tools are currently very primitive and there are not many, however, there are plans to add things such as an RSS reader for the news tool and even a JS miner made from scratch along with a nice web interface to go with it.

This website has since been shut down but you can still download the files from it's last state to see what it was like!

Started: August 13th, 2017
Team size: Solo

Not an RPG

Not an RPG is a text-based RPG made in Java that I was the lead developer for. The game has since been cancelled as everyone else either lost interest, didn't have time, or went onto college as they were a senior when working on it. The game is a copy of a game I made with just batch and vbs files back when I was 15 but upgraded to have a more developed story, better visuals, and more functions. Sadly the game is not yet done and is not planned to be finished, however, I still do have all the files and perhaps it will be worked on more at some point. For that reason, I have not yet released a build for it publicly.

Started: April 26th, 2017
Team size: 3


Surf_Glitch is my second attempt at a surf map for cs:go after surf_potato. Originally the map was named Surf_OnionMap but when released was renamed to Surf_Glitch as the map features quite a few random and unexpected twists as to make it seem like it has "glitched out". Some included ones are teleporting to a new area whilst there is still more in that area, being flung down a distorted version de_dust2 A Long to act as though the wrong map has loaded, and many other surprises that you may pick up on from the screenshots. The map was put to a hault for a long time but recently has been finished up and released.

Started: June 9th, 2017
Team size: Solo

Cave Explorer 2.0

Cave explorer is a simple text based RPG in Java that I made as an AP Comp Sci end of the year final for my sophmore year of highschool. The game is extreamly simple but is a fun little rng based game to mess around with for a little bit. There's not any plan to update it unless it gets some interest by people. If I were to make 3.0 version it would likely be a full remake and I would keep hardly, if any, of the code already there.

Started: June 6th, 2017
Team size: Solo


Osu!Bot is an irc bot I made in Java to help manage song requests on whilst playing Osu! The main function is to just take anything it recognizes as a song request (!sr or !songrequest) and add the following url, if valid, to a queue. The task started out simple but as time went on I give the Osu!Bot more of a personality by allowing it to respond to other commands that were there purely for entertainment and even some things it picked up as talking at it despite it not being a command. As things went on with the project I introduced a total of two new bots, AssistanceBot and TotallyAverageVeiwer. AssistanceBot was made just for that, helping out with basic tasks for any stream, not just osu streams. Assistance handled basic things like faq, greeting doners/mods, tracking user retention and activity (to later use in crunching data to find best time, game, and even people to stream for in order to get the best out of a stream). TotallyAverageVeiwer was a bot made to driver veiwer engagment by doing simple stuff like saying something when chat is quite but people are on, joining in on spam (such as if everyone is saying pjsalt it will too), and chatting back with other users. Since the program is made custom for my audience and includes oAuth keys I have not yet released a public build but I do plan on possibly making it more dynamic so anyone can use it.

If you'd like to check out the first public display of the Osu!Bot click here.
Started: December 15th, 2016
Team size: Solo


de_Convenience is a full 5v5 defuse map made for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The map features an abnormal layout favouring height instead of spreading out horizontally. The map is a remake of my first ever map 2v2_convenience and just builds upon it, adds a lot of new areas, makes it compatible for competitive, and enhances visuals and layout. Out of all the maps I have made I feel this one is the best gameplay wise, I have certainly made more visually stunning maps but none played quite as well as this one did. Also, do note that in the screenshots I had done the wrong command so none of the doors or breakable props are rendered.

Started: July 8th, 2016
Team size: Solo


de_Fusion is a CS:GO 5v5 defuse map made to take part mostly inside and share common traits with de_convenience, even though it came first, with having the sites on top of each other. This one however spread out the map more and attempted to have a more standard layout of three paths but in this case two went to B and the middle one went to A. Because of all the layouts that I tried putting inside of this map it ended up being extraordinarily large which made filling it a difficult task. As such you can see there are large open areas that make the gameplay boring and just an aim duel rather than strategic. Instead of reworking the layout the whole map was scratched and will remain as a friends only project on steam. Although the map may have been a failure I was able to learn more about what works and what does not for a layout from this.

Started: April 18th, 2016
Team size: Solo


Surf_potato is my first actual attempt at a surf map in cs:go if you do not include surf_1v1 which is what made me want to make a real surf map. Surf_Potato is very incomplete and only has 3 stages. There is still value to be found from the stages, especially stage 3, but once again this map may not have been the best but I was able to pick up skills I used in later map development, however, these skills were a bit more specific to cs:go and not just general map creation.

Started: March 24th, 2016
Team size: Solo


Surf_1v1 was a 1v1 map made for cs:go where the twist was that you could surf around making it faster paced and harder to hit people. This map was actually made in just a few hours as I was only making it to record the making process for background footage of a YouTube video. Ironically though this is my most successful map with over 1,000 current subscribers. This map was also supposed to be friends only but when uploading it I accidentally made it public so I left it that way. Although the map really did not mean anything to me at the time it is what made me want to make a real surf map (surf_potato) which in turn made me make an even better surf map.

Started: March 22nd, 2016
Team size: Solo

Unity MultiPlayer FPS Game

This was a game I had worked on in Unity a while back, I have since lost all the files associated with it and only just recently was able to dig up this photo I had taken to share with a friend on facebook. The game was very primitive as I focused mostly on getting something actually running that you could walk around in and then on getting a multiplayer system working. There was no shooting added yet and only had place holders for all models. You were able to actually get in game with another player (only via LAN) and walk around the level with them. This project was very short lived as I had only spent anywhere between a day to a week on it before reformatting my hard drive and never having backed up the files.

Started: January 24th, 2016
Team size: Solo


Listen is my first cs:go sticker for a gun. The one in the video is the holo version but there was also the default version. The sticker was made in Adobe Photoshop and VTF Edit. Looking back the sticker is not very good and I know I could certainly do better as I have learned a lot more about Photoshop and Illustrator. The sticker was supposed to be a joke about asking your team to be quite so you can LISTEN for footsteps whilst clutching.

Started: December 13th, 2015
Team size: Solo


Aim_Long is a cs:go aim map where you would practice your aim at different distances with different guns. This was one of my earliest maps and was not the most functional; I made it mostly to fiqure out more about the mechanics you could do with the source engine. As I never felt good about the functinality of the map I never took many screenshots beyond the one shown here. There were some custom textures used but they were mostly for putting instructions on how to set the settings inside the map.

Started: November 1st, 2015
Team size: Solo


6v6_Elevator_Shaft was my first cs:go map that I put moving components into and custom textures. It was also the second map for cs:go that I ever worked on. The idea of the map was to have a chaotic FFA mess with moving components to always keep players on their toes. There was to be air ducts that could be controlled by other players to rearrange them into a maze. As it stands now it is not good for 6v6 as originally intended since there is not much room, however, I still have had some fun on it just in 1v1s or 1v1v1s. For this map, I really was just trying a lot of new stuff to see what I could do and what I can't. I was still learning a lot about the editor and how to make game modes or maps. I still feel this map could have potential if reworked into something a bit more functional with more space and objects.

Started: October 24th, 2015
Team size: Solo


2v2_Convenience_Store was the very first map I ever tried making in cs:go. At the time I knew very little about level design and even just how to do things for source and that certainly shows. A prime example of this is that everything is contained within a large rectangular prism. The reason for this is that when I first opened the editor I made that shape and threw down some spawn points then built up from there. I never knew how to build out from it only in. Despite the limitations of my knowledge I still feel that this map is one of my best. I have had loads of fun on it with my mates and loads of fun makeing it. This map was one of the ones that I put the most thought into aside from the remake when it became a 5v5 map. I tested and remade parts so many times and spent countless hours but loved it; for that sole reason is why I feel this map turned out to be one of my best despite having known practicly nothing and it being my first ever attempt.

Started: October 28th, 2015
Team size: Solo

Music Video 9: My Heart By Different Heaven & EH!DE

This video is still one of my favorites that I have done. With it, I finally started paying a lot more attention to stuff and not just letting After Effects generate most of the video after I tell it how to. I also used a lot of mechanics I had used in the past and some new ones. As of now, it would not hold up to my standards but still turned out fairly nicely. The music featured was provided by No Copy Right sounds and the song can be found here!

Uploaded: October 1st, 2015
Team size: Solo

Music Video 4: Invincible By VeoRug

For this video I really mostly just dabbled around with the placement of things to see what looked the best, I didn't really get too fancy with adding anything new as most of the stuff seen here was done in the other videos too. The music featured was made by my friend VeoRug and the song can be found here or his SoundCloud can be found here!

Uploaded: June 4th, 2015
Team size: 2
Role: Video (friend made music)

Music Video 3: Blood Moon By VeoRug

Once I had finished the last two videos I did I saw how easily I could get these out and saw all the things I could do since I used some new techniques in this video so I decided that I was going to go for releasing one of these videos a week. I did this for a while but eventually, I caught up with most of my friend's new music and had to change something soon or start using a lot of his older music. Also a side note, I ended up using this song along with a few other ones by VeoRug in the batch script version of the game Not An RPG that I was also working on at the time but it was later cut in favor of a different song of his. The music featured was made by my friend VeoRug and the song can be found here or his SoundCloud can be found here!

Uploaded: May 28th, 2015
Team size: 2
Role: Video (friend made music)

Music Video 2: Tremor By Veorug

After having made the last music video I immediately started work on another. Since most of the things were all generated by the computer for the whole video and I only had to do a handful of manual things and telling it how to generate I could get these videos done quite quickly and only typically spent around 1 or 2 days at this current time but that changes later on. The music featured was made by my friend VeoRug and the song can be found here or his SoundCloud can be found here!

Uploaded: May 21st, 2015
Team size: 2
Role: Video (friend made music)

Music Video 1: Golden Move By VeoRug

This music video was the first music video I had ever made and was the second thing I had ever made within Adobe After Effects. The music featured was made by my friend VeoRug and the song can be found here or his SoundCloud can be found here! I took the idea of making these kinds of videos far and have learned a fair bit since then. Looking at the playlist I created of each one of these you can really see how they improved over time as I learned more and more about the proces of making these and the process of video creation in general. To this day making videos is still a big hobby of mine and this was part of the start of my After Effects journey!

Uploaded: May 14th, 2015
Team size: 2
Role: Video (friend made music)

Not An RPG Clasic

Not An RPG was a game I made with mostly .bat and .vbs files. I started work on the game when I was 15 as I had dabbled around a fair bit with batch scripting by making weird different things to do simple tasks. I learned a fair bit about it and decided that I wanted to take on a larger project and thought a game would be perfect! The game's story did not progress very far at this stage but mechanics were actually somewhat in place, you could make a new character, travel to different towns, get materials whilst traveling, and the combat system was even somewhat in place. In some of the pictures you may see that I post you can see a mass amount of post-it notes, almost every single one of those is related to this game and this version in particular. I still don't want to take them down yet as they remind me of how far I have come. The actual date that I started work on this game I am unsure of but I did find this question I posted on Stack Overflow that related to this game so it had to of been before then.

Started: March 27th, 2015
Team size: Solo